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Focus Trap

The Focus Trap component prevents the user's focus from escaping its children components.


Focus Trap is a utility component that's useful when implementing an overlay such as a modal dialog, which should block all interactions outside of it while open.


import { FocusTrap } from '@mui/base/FocusTrap';

Focus Trap wraps around the UI elements that should hold the user's focus. For instance, if the focus needs to stay inside of an Menu, then the component will be structured like this:

    <MenuItem>{/* item one */}</MenuItem>
    <MenuItem>{/* item two */}</MenuItem>

The following demo shows a <button> that opens a Box component nested inside of a Focus Trap. As long as the Box is open, the user's keyboard cannot interact with the rest of the app. Press the Open button and then use the Tab key to move the focus—notice that it will not leave the Box:

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Disable enforced focus

By default, clicks outside of the Focus Trap component are blocked.

You can disable this behavior with the disableEnforceFocus prop.

Compare the following demo with the demo from the Component section—notice how that demo prevents you from clicking outside of it, while this one allows it:

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Lazy activation

By default, the Focus Trap component automatically moves the focus to the first of its children when the open prop is present.

You can disable this behavior and make it lazy with the disableAutoFocus prop. When auto focus is disabled—as in the demo below—the component only traps the focus once the user moves it there:

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Escape the focus loop

The following demo uses the Portal component to render a subset of the Focus Trap children into a new "subtree" outside of the current DOM hierarchy, so they are no longer part of the focus loop:

Using a toggle inside the trap

The most common use case for the Focus Trap component is to maintain focus within a Modal component that is entirely separate from the element that opens the modal. But you can also create a toggle button for the open prop of the Focus Trap component that is stored inside of the component itself, as shown in the following demo:

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