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MUI X Charts

A fast and extendable library of react chart components for data visualization.


The @mui/x-charts is an MIT library for rendering charts relying on D3.js for data manipulation and SVG for rendering. And, like other MUI X components, charts are production-ready components that integrate smoothly into your app.

With a high level of customization, MUI X Charts provides three levels of customization layers: single components with great defaults, extensive configuration props, and subcomponents for flexible composition. Additionally, you can also use all the MUI System tools, such as the theme override or the sx prop.

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Using the documentation

The MUI X Charts documentation has a slightly different structure than other MUI X components. Instead of having a long page for each, the pages are divided in two:

  1. General description of the built-in features the component provides.
  2. A set of examples demonstrating the component with customizations.

All MUI X Charts components

Supported features

The features that are shared across multiple Charts components, such as axes and legends, are also documented on separate pages.