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Migration from v5 to v6

This guide describes the changes needed to migrate the Data Grid from v5 to v6.


To get started, check out the blog post about the release of MUI X v6.

Start using the new release

In package.json, change the version of the data grid package to ^6.0.0.

-"@mui/x-data-grid": "5.X.X",
+"@mui/x-data-grid": "^6.0.0",

Since v6 is a major release, it contains changes that affect the public API. These changes were done for consistency, improved stability and to make room for new features. Described below are the steps needed to migrate from v5 to v6.

Run codemods

The preset-safe codemod will automatically adjust the bulk of your code to account for breaking changes in v6. You can run v6.0.0/data-grid/preset-safe targeting only Data Grid or v6.0.0/preset-safe to target Date and Time pickers as well.

You can either run it on a specific file, folder, or your entire codebase when choosing the <path> argument.

// Data Grid specific
npx @mui/x-codemod@latest v6.0.0/data-grid/preset-safe <path>
// Target Date and Time Pickers as well
npx @mui/x-codemod@latest v6.0.0/preset-safe <path>

Breaking changes that are handled by preset-safe codemod are denoted by a ✅ emoji in the table of contents on the right side of the screen or next to the specific point that is handled by it.

If you have already applied the v6.0.0/data-grid/preset-safe (or v6.0.0/preset-safe) codemod, then you should not need to take any further action on these items. If there's a specific part of the breaking change that is not part of the codemod or needs some manual work, it will be listed in the end of each section.

All other changes must be handled manually.

Breaking changes

Since v6 is a major release, it contains some changes that affect the public API. These changes were done for consistency, improve stability and make room for new features. Below are described the steps you need to make to migrate from v5 to v6.

✅ Renamed props

  • To avoid confusion with the props that will be added for the cell selection feature, some props related to row selection were renamed to have "row" in their name. The renamed props are the following:

    Old name New name
    selectionModel rowSelectionModel
    onSelectionModelChange onRowSelectionModelChange
    disableSelectionOnClick disableRowSelectionOnClick
    disableMultipleSelection disableMultipleRowSelection
    showCellRightBorder showCellVerticalBorder
    showColumnRightBorder showColumnVerticalBorder
    headerHeight columnHeaderHeight
  • The corresponding type for rowSelectionModel (previously selectionModel) was renamed from GridSelectionModel to GridRowSelectionModel.

Removed props

  • The disableIgnoreModificationsIfProcessingProps prop was removed and its behavior when true was incorporated as the default behavior. The old behavior can be restored by using apiRef.current.stopRowEditMode({ ignoreModifications: true }) or apiRef.current.stopCellEditMode({ ignoreModifications: true }).
  • The onColumnVisibilityChange prop was removed. Use onColumnVisibilityModelChange instead.
  • The components.Header slot was removed. Use components.Toolbar or slots.toolbar slot instead.
  • ✅ The disableExtendRowFullWidth prop was removed. Use showCellVerticalBorder or showColumnVerticalBorder prop to show or hide right border for cells and header cells respectively.
  • The columnTypes prop was removed. For custom column types see Custom column types docs.
  • ✅ The onCellFocusOut prop was removed. Use slotProps.cell.onBlur instead:
        cell: {
          onBlur: (event) => {
            const cellElement = event.currentTarget;
            const field = cellElement.getAttribute('data-field');
            const rowId = cell.parentElement.getAttribute('data-id');
  • The error and onError props were removed - the grid no longer catches errors during rendering. To catch errors that happen during rendering use the error boundary. The components.ErrorOverlay slot was also removed.

State access

  • ✅ The gridSelectionStateSelector selector was renamed to gridRowSelectionStateSelector.
  • ✅ The allGridColumnsFieldsSelector selector was removed. Use gridColumnFieldsSelector instead.
  • ✅ The allGridColumnsSelector selector was removed. Use gridColumnDefinitionsSelector instead.
  • ✅ The visibleGridColumnsSelector selector was removed. Use gridVisibleColumnDefinitionsSelector instead.
  • ✅ The filterableGridColumnsSelector selector was removed. Use gridFilterableColumnDefinitionsSelector instead.
  • ✅ The gridVisibleSortedRowIdsSelector selector was renamed to gridExpandedSortedRowIdsSelector
  • ✅ The gridVisibleSortedRowEntriesSelector selector was renamed to gridExpandedSortedRowEntriesSelector.
  • ✅ The gridVisibleRowCountSelector selector was renamed to gridExpandedRowCountSelector.
  • ✅ The gridVisibleSortedTopLevelRowEntriesSelector selector was renamed to gridFilteredSortedTopLevelRowEntriesSelector.
  • ✅ The gridVisibleTopLevelRowCountSelector selector was renamed to gridFilteredTopLevelRowCountSelector.
  • ✅ The getGridNumericColumnOperators selector was removed. Use getGridNumericOperators instead.
  • The gridVisibleRowsSelector selector was removed. Use gridExpandedSortedRowIdsSelector instead.
  • The gridColumnsSelector selector was removed. Use more specific grid columns selectors instead.
    -const { all, lookup, columnVisibilityModel } = gridColumnsSelector(apiRef);
    +const all = gridColumnFieldsSelector(apiRef);
    +const lookup = gridColumnLookupSelector(apiRef);
    +const columnVisibilityModel = gridColumnVisibilityModelSelector(apiRef);
  • The filterableGridColumnsIdsSelector selector was removed. Use gridFilterableColumnLookupSelector instead.
    -const filterableFields = filterableGridColumnsIdsSelector(apiRef);
    +const lookup = gridFilterableColumnLookupSelector(apiRef);
    +const filterableFields = gridColumnFieldsSelector(apiRef).filter(field => lookup[field]);
  • The visibleGridColumnsLengthSelector selector was removed. Use gridVisibleColumnDefinitionsSelector instead.
    -const visibleColumnsLength = visibleGridColumnsLengthSelector(apiRef);
    +const visibleColumnsLength = gridVisibleColumnDefinitionsSelector(apiRef).length;
  • The gridColumnsMetaSelector selector was removed. Use gridColumnsTotalWidthSelector or gridColumnPositionsSelector instead.
    -const { totalWidth, positions } = gridColumnsMetaSelector(apiRef);
    +const totalWidth = gridColumnsTotalWidthSelector(apiRef);
    +const positions = gridColumnPositionsSelector(apiRef);
  • The gridRowGroupingStateSelector selector was removed.
  • The gridFilterStateSelector selector was removed.
  • The gridRowsStateSelector selector was removed.
  • The gridSortingStateSelector selector was removed.
  • The gridTotalHeaderHeightSelector selector was removed.
  • The gridDensityRowHeightSelector selector was removed.
  • The gridDensityHeaderHeightSelector selector was removed.
  • The gridEditRowsStateSelector selector was removed.
  • The apiRef.current.state.density.headerHeight property was removed.
  • The apiRef.current.state.density.rowHeight property was removed.


  • ✅ The selectionChange event was renamed to rowSelectionChange.
  • ✅ The rowsScroll event was renamed to scrollPositionChange.
  • The columnVisibilityChange event was removed. Use columnVisibilityModelChange instead.
  • The cellNavigationKeyDown event was removed. Use cellKeyDown and check the key provided in the event argument.
  • The columnHeaderNavigationKeyDown event was removed. Use columnHeaderKeyDown and check the key provided in the event argument.
  • The cellKeyDown event will also be fired for keyboard events that occur inside components that use Portals. This affects specially custom edit components, where pressing a shortcut key will trigger the stop editing routine. For instance, pressing Enter inside the Portal will cause the change to be saved. The onCellEditStop (or onRowEditStop) prop can be used to restore the old behavior.
      onCellEditStop={(params, event) => {
        if (params.reason !== GridCellEditStopReasons.enterKeyDown) {
        // Check if the target is inside a Portal
        if (
          ( as any).nodeType === 1 &&
        ) {
          event.defaultMuiPrevented = true;
  • The componentError event was removed. Use the error boundary to catch errors thrown during rendering.
  • The GridCallbackDetails['api'] was removed from event details. Use the apiRef returned by useGridApiContext or useGridApiRef instead.
  • The cellFocusIn and cellFocusOut events are internal now. Use slotProps.cell.onFocus and slotProps.cell.onBlur props instead.


  • The GridColDef['hide'] property was removed. Use columnVisibilityModel instead.

  • Returning null in column.renderCell or column.renderEditCell now renders an empty cell instead of the default formatted value. To fall back to the default formatted value, return undefined instead of null.

     const renderCell = () => {
      if (condition) {
        return <CustomComponent />;
    - return null;
    + return undefined;
  • The onColumnOrderChange prop callback now is called only when a column, that is being reordered, is dropped in another position.

  • The singleSelect column type now has a default value formatter that returns the label corresponding to the selected value when valueOptions is an array of objects. As a consequence, any existing value formatter will not be applied to the individual options anymore, but only to the text of the cell. It is recommended to migrate valueOptions to an array of objects to be able to add a custom label for each value. To override the label used for each option when the cell is in edit mode or in the filter panel, the following components now support a getOptionLabel prop:

    • GridEditSingleSelectCell
    • GridFilterInputSingleSelect
    • GridFilterInputMultipleSingleSelect

    This prop accepts a callback that is called with the item from valueOptions and must return the string to use as new label.

  • The date and dateTime columns now only support Date objects as values. To parse a string value, use the valueGetter:

          field: 'date',
          type: 'date',
          valueGetter: (params) => new Date(params.value),

✅ Column menu

  • The column menu components have been renamed or merged with the new design for consistency and API improvement, the new components are following:

    Old name New name
    GridFilterMenuItem GridColumnMenuFilterItem
    HideGridColMenuItem GridColumnMenuHideItem
    GridColumnsMenuItem GridColumnMenuColumnsItem
    SortGridMenuItems GridColumnMenuSortItem
    GridColumnPinningMenuItems GridColumnMenuPinningItem
    GridAggregationColumnMenuItem GridColumnMenuAggregationItem
    GridRowGroupingColumnMenuItems, GridRowGroupableColumnMenuItems GridColumnMenuGroupingItem
  • The GridFilterItemProps type has been renamed to GridColumnMenuItemProps.

  • Props column and currentColumn passed to GridColumnMenu and column menu items have been renamed to colDef

    -function CustomColumnMenu({ column }) {
    -  if (column.field === 'name') {
    +function CustomColumnMenu({ colDef }) {
    +  if (colDef.field === 'name') {
         return <div>Custom column menu for name field</div>;
       return (
           <GridFilterMenuItem colDef={colDef} />
           <GridColumnMenuColumnsItem colDef={colDef} />


  • The GridRowParams['getValue'] property was removed. Use params.row instead.
  • The GridCellParams['getValue'] property was removed. Use params.row instead.
  • The default type of GridCellParams['value'] was changed from any to unknown.
  • The GridActionsCellProps['api'] property was removed. Use useGridApiContext hook instead to get apiRef.
  • The GridActionsCellProps['getValue'] property was removed. Use params.row instead.
  • The GridFooterCellProps['getValue'] property was removed. Use params.row instead.
  • The cellFocus, cellTabIndex and editRowsState props are not passed to the Row slot anymore. Use the focusedCell and tabbableCell props instead. For the editing state, use the API methods.
     function CustomRow(props) {
    -  const focusedField = props.cellFocus.field;
    -  const tabIndex = props.cellTabIndex.field && cellMode === 'view' ? 0 : 1;
    +  const focusedField = props.focusedCell;
    +  const tabIndex = props.tabbableCell === column.field ? 0 : 1;
  • Updating the rows prop or calling apiRef.current.setRows will now remove the expansion state of the grid as these methods are meant to replace the rows. For partial row updates, use the apiRef.current.updateRows method instead.


  • The page and pageSize props and their respective event handlers onPageChange and onPageSizeChange were removed. Use paginationModel and onPaginationModelChange instead.

    -  page={page}
    -  pageSize={pageSize}
    -  onPageChange={handlePageChange}
    -  onPageSizeChange={handlePageSizeChange}
    +  paginationModel={{ page, pageSize }}
    +  onPaginationModelChange={(paginationModel) => handlePaginationModelChange(paginationModel)}
  • The properties and initialState.pagination.pageSize were also removed. Use initialState.pagination.paginationModel instead.

    -initialState={{ pagination: { page: 1, pageSize: 10 } }}
    +initialState={{ pagination: { paginationModel: { page: 1, pageSize: 10 } } }}
  • ✅ The rowsPerPageOptions prop was renamed to pageSizeOptions.

    -<DataGrid rowsPerPageOptions={[10, 20, 50]} />
    +<DataGrid pageSizeOptions={[10, 20, 50]} />

apiRef methods

  • ✅ The apiRef.current.getRowIndex method was removed. Use apiRef.current.getRowIndexRelativeToVisibleRows instead.

  • ✅ The apiRef.current.setFilterLinkOperator method was renamed to apiRef.current.setFilterLogicOperator.

  • The apiRef.current.updateColumn method was removed. Use apiRef.current.updateColumns instead.

    -apiRef.current.updateColumn({ field: 'name', width: 100 });
    +apiRef.current.updateColumns([{ field: 'name', width: 100 }]);
  • The apiRef.current.getColumnsMeta method was removed. Use gridColumnsTotalWidthSelector or gridColumnPositionsSelector selectors instead.

    -const { totalWidth, positions } = apiRef.current.getColumnsMeta();
    +const totalWidth = gridColumnsTotalWidthSelector(apiRef);
    +const positions = gridColumnPositionsSelector(apiRef);
  • The apiRef.current.setDensity signature was changed. It only accepts density: GridDensity as a single parameter.

  • The apiRef.current.getVisibleRowModels method was removed. Use gridExpandedSortedRowEntriesSelector selector instead.

  • The apiRef.current.showError method was removed. The UI for errors is no longer handled by the grid.

  • Some internal undocumented apiRef methods and properties were removed.

    If you don't use undocumented properties - you can skip the list below. Otherwise, please check the list and open an issue if there's something missing in the apiRef.

    List of removed undocumented methods and properties


  • ✅ The GridFilterItem['columnField'] was renamed to GridFilterItem['field']
  • ✅ The GridFilterItem['operatorValue'] was renamed to GridFilterItem['operator']
  • The GridFilterItem['operator'] is now required.
  • The GridFilterInputValue component cannot be used with singleSelect columns anymore. Use GridFilterInputSingleSelect instead.
  • ✅ The GridLinkOperator enum was renamed to GridLogicOperator.
  • The GridFilterModel['linkOperator'] type was renamed to GridFilterModel['logicOperator'].
  • ✅ The linkOperators prop of GridFilterForm and GridFilterPanel components was renamed to logicOperators.
  • ✅ The linkOperatorInputProps prop of GridFilterForm component was renamed to logicOperatorInputProps.
  • ✅ The filterFormProps.linkOperatorInputProps prop in GridFilterForm component was renamed to filterFormProps.logicOperatorInputProps.
  • ✅ The GridLocaleText['filterPanelLinkOperator'] property was renamed to GridLocaleText['filterPanelLogicOperator'].


  • ✅ The editing API that is enabled by default was replaced with a new API that contains better support for server-side persistence, validation and customization. This new editing feature was already available in v5 under the newEditingApi experimental flag. In v6, this flag can be removed.
    -  experimentalFeatures={{ newEditingApi: true }}
  • ✅ The aggregation and row pinning are no longer experimental features. The flags experimentalFeatures.aggregation and experimentalFeatures.rowPinning can be removed now.
    -  experimentalFeatures={{
    -   aggregation: true,
    -   rowPinning: true,
    -  }}
  • The editCellPropsChange event was removed. If you still need it please file a new issue so we can propose an alternative.
  • The cellEditCommit event was removed and the processRowUpdate prop can be used in place. More information, check the docs section about the topic.
  • The editRowsModel and onEditRowsModelChange props were removed. The cellModesModel or rowModesModel props can be used to achieve the same goal.
  • The GridEditRowsModel type was removed.
  • The following API methods were removed:
    • Use apiRef.current.stopCellEditMode to replace apiRef.current.commitCellChange
    • Use apiRef.current.startCellEditMode to replace apiRef.current.setCellMode(id, field, 'edit')
    • Use apiRef.current.stopRowEditMode to replace apiRef.current.commitRowChange
    • Use apiRef.current.startRowMode to replace apiRef.current.setRowMode(id, 'edit')
    • Use the cellModesModel or rowModesModel props to replace apiRef.current.setEditRowsModel.

Other exports

  • The useGridApi hook was removed. Use apiRef.current instead.

  • The useGridState hook was removed. Use apiRef.current.state, apiRef.current.setState and apiRef.current.forceUpdate instead.

  • The getGridColDef utility function was removed.

  • The GridColumns type was removed. Use GridColDef[] instead.

  • The GridActionsColDef interface was removed. Use GridColDef instead.

  • The GridEnrichedColDef type was removed. Use GridColDef instead.

  • The GridStateColDef type was removed.

  • The GridDensityTypes enum was removed. Use GridDensity type instead.

    If you use it to type searchPredicate - use GridColumnsPanelProps['searchPredicate'] instead.

    If you use it to type getApplyFilterFn - use GridFilterOperator['getApplyFilterFn'] instead.

  • The GridHeaderPlaceholder component was removed.

  • The GridValueGetterFullParams type was removed.

  • The GridSortModelParams interface was removed.

  • The GridApiRef type was removed. Use React.MutableRefObject<GridApi> instead.

  • The GridCellValue type was removed. Use any or the V generic passed to most interfaces.

  • The GridRowData type was removed. Use GridRowModel instead.

  • The filterPanelOperators translation key was renamed to filterPanelOperator

  • The MAX_PAGE_SIZE constant was removed.

  • The DATA_GRID_DEFAULT_SLOTS_COMPONENTS export was removed.

  • The useGridScrollFn hook was removed.

  • The GridCellParams interface was changed. The row generic is now before the cell generic.

    -extends GridCellParams<V, R, F, N> {
    +extends GridCellParams<R, V, F, N> {

    This means that values for 2 generic arguments needs to be provided before the argument that you already have.

    -renderCell: (params: GridRenderCellParams<number>) => {
    +renderCell: (params: GridRenderCellParams<any, number>) => {
  • The GridErrorOverlay component was removed.

  • The GridRowScrollEndParams["virtualRowsCount"] param was renamed to GridRowScrollEndParams["visibleRowsCount"].

  • The GridCellIdentifier type was removed. Use GridCellCoordinates instead.

✅ CSS classes

  • Some CSS classes were removed or renamed

    MUI X v5 classes MUI X v6 classes Note
    .MuiDataGrid-withBorder .MuiDataGrid-withBorderColor The class only sets border-color CSS property
    .MuiDataGrid-filterFormLinkOperatorInput .MuiDataGrid-filterFormLogicOperatorInput

Removals from the public API

  • The getGridSingleSelectQuickFilterFn function was removed. You can copy the old function and pass it to the getApplyQuickFilterFn property of the singleSelect column definition.

Rename components to slots (optional)

The components and componentsProps props are being renamed to slots and slotProps props respectively. This is a slow and ongoing effort between all the different libraries maintained by MUI. To smooth the transition, data grid support both the components props which are deprecated, and the new slots props.

If you would like to use the new API and do not want to see deprecated prop usage, consider running rename-components-to-slots codemod handling the prop renaming.

npx @mui/x-codemod@latest v6.0.0/data-grid/rename-components-to-slots <path>

Take a look at the RFC for more information.