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Migration from the lab

MUI date and time pickers are now available on MUI X!


This is a reference for migrating your site's pickers from @mui/lab to @mui/x-date-pickers or @mui/x-date-pickers-pro. This migration only concerns packages and should do not affect the behavior of the components in your app.

We explored the reasons of this migration in a blog post


Most of our components remains MIT and are accessible for free in @mui/x-date-pickers.

The range-picker components: DateRangePicker, DateRangePickerDay, DesktopDateRangePicker, MobileDateRangePicker and StaticDateRangePicker were marked as "intended for MUI X Pro" in our documentation and are now part of MUI X Pro.

If you are using one of these components, you will have to take a Pro license in order to migrate to @mui/x-date-pickers-pro (see the Pricing page for more information).

Migration steps

1. Install MUI X packages

Community Plan

// with npm
npm install @mui/x-date-pickers

// with yarn
yarn add @mui/x-date-pickers

Pro Plan

// with npm
npm install @mui/x-date-pickers-pro @mui/x-license-pro

// with yarn
yarn add @mui/x-date-pickers-pro @mui/x-license-pro

When you purchase a commercial license, you'll receive a license key by email. You must set the license key before rendering the first component.

import { LicenseInfo } from '@mui/x-license-pro';


More information here

2. Run the code mod

We have prepared a codemod to help you migrate your codebase

npx @mui/codemod v5.0.0/date-pickers-moved-to-x <path>

Which will transform the imports like this:

-import DatePicker from '@mui/lab/DatePicker';
+import { DatePicker } from '@mui/x-date-pickers/DatePicker';

-import DateRangePicker from '@mui/lab/DateRangePicker';
+import { DateRangePicker } from '@mui/x-date-pickers-pro/DateRangePicker';

-import { DatePicker, DateRangePicker } from '@mui/lab';
+import { DatePicker } from '@mui/x-date-pickers'; // DatePicker is also available in `@mui/x-date-pickers-pro`
+import { DateRangePicker } from '@mui/x-date-pickers-pro';

Components of the Community Plan such as <DatePicker /> can be imported from both @mui/x-date-pickers-pro and @mui/x-date-pickers. Only date adapters such as AdapterDayjs can only be imported from @mui/x-date-pickers/[adapterName].